Himachal’s largest indie music, art and retreat festival


Bir Music Festival is a retreat music and art festival in the village Bir of Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. The festival focuses on promotion of Indie artists playing in various genres. This music festival promotes live format of music focusing on giving a stage to many upcoming indie artists. This festival began in the year 2020 just after the end of COVID 1 which also became the cause of it. However, since then the festival became known for its format of giving a retreat to people along with being a popularity platform for many upcoming artists as it started promoting all sorts of music, instrument music and art formats. Till date, it has become a platform for over 50 emerging artists to promote their music along with being a main part of the bucket list for travelers coming to Bir. It has also started serving the purpose of getting the right recognition to Bir and giving it a unique identity of art and adventure village in the country. 


Started in the year 2020, this festival was aimed at creating more work and income opportunities in the village that was struggling during COVID. Bir, is the largest paragliding site in Asia and the second largest in the world. The main source of income of the village is the adventure and tourism. However, during the pandemic it all halted and so did the income of hundreds of people who settled here. One major setback was to the hoteliers most of who were from other parts of the country but were living here for a peaceful life and making a living from tourism. 9 months of lockdown made lives miserable and therefore, a music and art festival came into existence to get Bir a big recall and bring tourism back to the village. 


We aspire to transform into the premier music festival destination in India. Our vision is to champion original art and culture to such an extent that attending our festival becomes as eagerly anticipated as Tomorrowland. Additionally, we aim to establish a studio to provide a platform for original music and nurture emerging talent.