100% Live Music
Eco-friendly Decor
Original Music Festival
100% Waste Management
Recycled and Upcycled Decor
No Use of Plastic

Originality of Art and Music

Bir Music Festival values original art & diversity of cultures that India has. From artists to workshops, we ensure unique, original and independent art forms to be presented. Bir Music Festival is an original music and art festival. Our lineup for the festival involves independent and original artists from across the country. With equal emphasis on all genres of music we promote only original, non recorded music and art formats. Each season we try to discover some old art forms, instruments or music from the country and present it. With equal emphasis on music from various demographics of India, we also focus to highlight the art and music from the location we are presenting a season. 

Perseverance of Culture

India is blessed with a diverse culture and we try to preserve it, rejuvenate it and promote its practices to people. All locations that we present a season from have a unique touch of their respective cultures, their music, art, practices and most of all, people. We involve people locally as teams, as artists and as promoters. 

This helps us get a deep understanding of the roots of every culture and also to present it in the right manner. 

Balance Of Nature

Our biggest objective and step lies here as we are putting in all we can to balance nature’s bliss in its original form yet present a state of the art festival to you all.

Everywhere we go, our choice of venue and its elements is earthen. And so our voyage is towards small towns and villages that are blooming with gems of rich culture and natural heritage.