Past Seasons

Season 9

Our back to home season in Bir during New Year, which was conceptualised and pulled together with in a planning and preparation of about 15 days.

  • Jyoti Nooran
  • The Shanka Tribe
  • Paridhi Band
  • Cartwheel over Moon Band
  • Guitar Baba
  • Swejal Yadav
  • Muskaan
  • Nitin Paasi
  • Riya
  • Ishaan Kaushik

Season 8

Our second destination of India tour set to happen in Jaipur was postponed.

We will be back in Jaipur soon

Season 7

Our first season of India tour held in Indore in October 2023.

  • Jasleen Royal
  • Ek Pahadi Ladka
  • Beyond Horizon
  • Rajat Dawe

Season 6

The season that created a different path for us. We could attract a huge mob of 1150 people who travelled from across the country to only attend the festival for two days. Bir received a recognition from the state government and the whole country giving us a huge success mark.

  • ANKUR TEWARI & Ghalat Family
  • Mushroom Lake – Kerala
  • Gowwli – Auroville
  • Mid Night Taxi – Assam
  • KULPRIT – Udaipur
  • Daira – Mumbai
  • Aglari Joyce – Gujarat
  • Piyush Megwal – Kurukshetra
  • Aditya Rohilla – Chandigarh
  • Akshay Chawda – Delhi
  • Arsh Kaur – Kasol
  • Vidya Gopal – Mumbai

Season 5

One season that really made us taste waters but then it made realise we are on right track to our ultimate objective. A New Years when a total of 1000 people had come to Bir, 640 of them had come to Bir for BIR MUSIC FESTIVAL.

  • INDIAN OCEAN – The legendary Indie Rock Band
  • YUGM The Band
  • Gajee Khan Ensemble
  • Vikram Prem Bodhi- India’s prime Hand pan artist
  • Vinay Bhatia – A leading Comic
  • Aman Singh Chauhan
  • Nidhi Walia
  • North Axis Project
  • Ripudman

Season 4

This season we choose an off date to check how popular we were and good enough to grab an audience exclusively for the festival and we knew where we stood

  • YUGM The Band
  • Apricot The Band
  • India’s prime Handpan, Didgeridoo, flute & happy drum artists collaborated together
  • Saby Singh
  • Ashim Berry
  • Akash Dayal
  • Ek pahadi ladka
  • Beatbox without borders
  • Ripudaman
  • Tanya Sharma

Season 3

Post COVID we took it big with theme, activities and including more of folk fusion

  • DEEPAK RATHORE (One most famous artist to have sung indie songs on travel and Himachal (50k Insta; 201k YOUTUBE)
  • Vismay Patel (56k YOUTUBE subscribers)
  • Ankit Chamoli
  • Suneet Rawat
  • Ankur Kumar
  • Aditya Tiwari

Season 2

We took another shot at giving people some freedom, energy and peace after COVID 1 and were successful

  • Shubhank Sharma 
  • Dino Banjara and Band 
  • Avneesh and Badal Sharma
  • Zizi Roberts
  • Jaipur Beats Band
  • Manohar Joshi
  • Prakhar Johri
  • Arjan Singh
  • Flint Eastwood
  • Sunandan Abrol
  • Nivedita
  • Shiv Sharma
  • Avinash Pandey

Season 1

Organised after COVID 1st wave when tourism was in the process of being revived.

  • OSHO JAIN – A renowned indie artists (58k Insta Followers; 158k YOUTUBE Subscribers
  • SALMAN ELAHI – Fame “PAHADON MEIN” Song (80k YOUTUBE Subscribers, 10k Insta Followers
  • Ankur Kumar
  • Jacob
  • Zalak